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I bring your vision
to life.
I'm the magic behind the curtains of your online biz.


This is me

I’m a strategist, problem-solver, and systems lover. Above all, I'm passionate about making business easier for my clients. With an MBA in Entrepreneurship and 7 years experience as an Online Business Manager, I've helped countless visionary business owners harness their brilliant ideas to actually generate a dream business [instead of spinning their wheels].

Growth Strategy  Systems 
Team Management 

 Marketing   Paid Advertising

Launch Management    Funnels  

Offer Creation


I guide online business owners through the various stages of online business.

From successful entrepreneurs drowning in their own creation, to influencer turned online business owner looking for short cuts, I help all of my clients build a business backend that supports the machine, hire rockstar team members to maintain their success, and implement marketing strategies that are effective yet low-lift.

If you're running a successful online business but feel like you're too much in the weeds to stay in your creative zone, or have lost any personal time you used to have , I offload responsibilities, keep you in your genius zone, and become as a true partner to you in your growing business.

If you've been providing 1-1 services and are ready to make more for your time, I help you share your genius in the digital world, move past the feast and famine cycle of a freelancer, and build repeatable and sustainable systems for your success.

What I 
Believe In

I believe in making business easy. I challenge my clients to simplify and streamline what they are doing to be just as effective, but also open up space in your day & mind. 

One of my core drivers is freedom. And I know that most business owners value that as well. It's one of the things that drove you to work on your own terms.


Please trust me when I say that it's achievable, and that it doesn't need to be hard.

But it DOES take unique strategies tailored to you. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

My passion is figuring out how to put the pieces together to design the type of business you have always dreamed of.


You give me your vision and I help keep you accountable to it and make it come to life. 

They're Saying

"Galia is the lifeblood of any growing online business...

If you're looking for solid gold in someone who can anticipate and deliver, Galia is the best there is. She's helped clients scale to 7 figures, reduce busywork and get the right people on board when you need them. She's a strategist and vision-builder, not to mention an amazing human!"

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