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A little bit of background

The kickstart to my success was being thrown into the deep end of a world-famous OBM agency in 2016 (that now focuses on certifying OBMs). Instead of years of learning on smaller companies before I gained trust and expertise, I dove right into 6 and 7-figure companies, collaborating with a small team of experts in the OBM field. 

I've been working on my own since 2019 and have also added on consulting (Strategic Advsiory) to my offerings. My nature of organization, systematic thinking and my love of adventure fit the role of an Online Business Manager & Advisor perfectly. 

Most business owners are visionaries, they need someone who isn't going to dim their flame but allows it to be focused where it will make the most impact.

My clients love that they can fully trust that they have a strategic partner in me, and I help them step into the CEO role they are meant to fulfill. Leaving all the rest to me.

I love variety and seeing how something I've learned in one industry can be moved into another, so I don't work with a certain niche or business model. For me, it's about finding a personality match with the business owner and a project that lights me up.

I've worked with...

Online Course Creators  Agencies    Service Based   Speakers  
Influencers    Masterminds    E-commerce   Memberships

Online Business Management

Agency & Course Creator

sarah noked_edited.jpg

Sarah Noked, The OBM School

"If you have the opportunity to work with Galia you should absolutely take it. She was a valued member on my team for many years. I trained her to be a Certified OBM. She worked directly on client projects with me and on her own with clients. She is and always will be a very valued team member. She is proactive, really whip-smart and really gets the entrepreneurial mindset. She helped put a lot of my ideas into projects and made them happen. She's very tech savvy as well. She is a kick-ass, allstar OBM and if you have an opportunity to bring her on your team I promise that you will not regret it."

Agency & Course Creator

Jessica Krewson, DesignKREW


"Galia came highly recommended. I needed support from someone that had experience building agency, team and personal brands. She has filled all of my expectations and have become a sounding board that has been beyond helpful to me. ​I would 100% recommend you to work with Galia, she is wicked smart and has a ton of experience in the consulting, agency, coaching industries. She already knows the systems needed so there is less upfront nitty-gritty needed. And to top it off she is so easy to work with, kind, positive, and a can-do attitude. ​I had not invested in a contractor at this caliber before. I wasn't sure if the ROI would benefit me. But the tools, templates and new hires have made it BEYOND worth every penny. My time has been freed up. ​Galia has such a can-do, no drama, no fluff approach where she gives you her insight and that allows me to make decisions quickly and have the support to execute on the vision. ​When I looked back on our project goals for the first 3 months we had hit all of them!! We on-boarded a Tech VA, a Social Media Manager, we cleaned up systems, we started and launched our new brand and services menu and launched our lead magnet. I mean! These are projects I have been sitting on for months if not years."

Jessica (1).JPG
Jessica 2.JPG

Business Coach

selina pagan_edited.jpg

Selina Pagan, The Life Design Co.

"Galia is the lifeblood of any growing online business. She's helped clients scale to 7 figures, reduce busywork and get the right people on board when you need them. She's a strategist and vision-builder, not to mention an amazing human!! If you're looking for solid gold in someone who can anticipate and deliver, Galia is the best there is. She'll be your right-hand woman who "gets" it and is fully dedicated to helping you grow and drive your vision (everything from sourcing A-team players to marketing to scaling) Hire her now while you can! You won't find a better OBM anywhere ;) If you want to cure your organizational headache and gain solid systems, structures, and key team members to take your business to the next level, Galia is your secret weapon!! She'll strategize with you, take redundancies off your plate for good, and make sure there are no more fires to put out or things slipping through the cracks. Get ready to love your business again!!"

Musician, Course Creator & Mentor


Sarah Belle Reid, Learning Sound and Synthesis

"I was at a point in my business where we were growing quickly and I was becoming a bottleneck for many projects and initiatives. I needed someone to help me develop systems and processes for handling projects, managing the team, and ensuring customers had the best experience possible. Galia has absolutely fulfilled my expectations and helped in ways I didn't realize were possible! Above and beyond. The biggest hesitation I had before hiring was around bringing someone into such a critical part of the business, fear over whether she'd "get it", and hesitation around handing off control to something so important to me. From day one Galia took things seriously and acted like this was OUR business and OUR team, which gave me confidence. She truly show up like part of the team and I am so grateful. One of the biggest ways I feel supported is in how she helps me stay accountable to the life I want to live while growing my business. If I share goals and values with her, she helps me commit to them. With Galia's help, we've been able to continue growing (both in terms of team size and revenue) while I've been able to gradually step back on day-to-day tasks, to reduce my number of workdays to 4 per week, and to take on more personal projects that I'm passionate about rather than always getting stuck in admin tasks. I'd love to recommend you to others (unless it means you don't have time for me - lol). Top 3 reasons: you're great at developing systems and SOPS to help a business run efficiently; you're a great communicator & collaborative team member; you do what you say you're going to do & always get things done thoroughly.

Coach, Course & Membership Creator

Tobi Fairley, DesignYou


"Galia was a pivotal and effective online business manager and coach for my organization. As an OBM, Galia wrote and implemented many of the processes and procedures that we are still utilizing today. Her model for crafting SOPs has allowed my team and me to properly document our business practices. Her work was critical in the very foundation of my company as it is today. My program, DesignYou, is a community of 200 creative entrepreneurs focused on their business growth and improvement through use of our content and coaching. When we decided to bring coaches into the program full-time in January 2021, we thought of Galia’s expertise in business operations, team management and marketing strategies. We were confident she would bring value to many of our members and did so during her time as a coach to our community. I highly recommend Galia for the benefit and growth of your organization as an OBM and as a coach.

Carrie testimonial.JPG

Course Creator

Karen Rudkin Moody, Ryan Moody Fishing


"I had seen a testimonial from another business owner and wanted Galia to work the same magic in my business. The time I have saved from working with her and the processes now implemented have convinced me Galia is worth every cent and why we continue to work together. Like the typical entrepreneur, I get overwhelmed by my many ideas and having to do them perfectly. Galia pulls me off all tasks that the team can do so I can be laser focused on the things I do best. And then she supports me by being a kind accountability partner by removing all the things that sidetrack me so the pressure is off. It makes running the business much more enjoyable. Our business turnover has been steadily increasing however more importantly my workload has halved with no loss of income. Stress and overwhelm have been dramatically reduced and my team are also happier as they also get clear direction. We are also planning a new product which we never would have had time to do. We love you Galia and are so grateful you came on board to help us. Anyone would be incredibly fortunate to have you on their team as we do. But promise you'll never leave us."


When asked if and why she would recommend me to other Karen answered: YES! (But I really don't want to share you Galia). 1. Incredibly organised and on top of things leading to standard operating procedures and processes to make all our lives easier. 2. Incredibly kind yet courageous enough to ask the tough questions none of us want to ask especially with contractors or staff 3. No matter what you throw at her she just takes it in her stride and makes it happen while keeping everyone focused on the priorities. She really keeps us on track in such an incredibly kind way.

Karen (1)_edited.jpg
karen (2).jpg
Karen testi.JPG

Consultant & Course Creator


Mia LaMotte, LaMotte International

"I highly recommend working with Galia. She has helped me to streamline my business and hire the right people to support growth. She is organized, detailed-oriented, and is always prepared. My coach recommended that my first hire be a high-level hire and it was some of the best advice she has given me. If you are ready to stop struggling in your business, be it overworked or underpaid, hire Galia. Every business owner needs to have someone they work with that can see the blind spots and help them grow. I didn't realize that hiring Galia would actually give my business the opportunity to begin to have a steady income not to mention triple it in the first two months. I get so much value of having someone take over the day to day operations of my business so that I can concentrate on my strengths as a creator, consultant and coach. ​There are so many experiences in our work together that makes me feel supported: Vetting and managing contractors, taking care of the small but important details, coming up with great ideas and helping me move forward in them, being able to implement my vision and pivot if needed, being up for all of the work and keeping it together and most significantly- bringing my signature course Brand Disruptors to fruition. There is no way that I would have been able to launch this program and project in the amount of time that Galia was able to make it happen. I had been working for 9 months to write the course and knew that I would need help bringing it to life. Galia made this happen within the first month of us working together. In the four months we have worked together so far, I have had a steady stream of income because of what we created together, my income tripled in month three, and I had more time to create new programs and coach my clients because she was handling all of the other things. She helped me to actually see how I was going to be able to grow my business exponentially because we were doing it in real-time."

Service Provider & Course Creator

Renee Biery, deVignier Design

Untitled Session4992V2_edited.jpg

"Galia was referred to me by my coach and seconded by her team. Up until now, my business was 100% offline, so this is a brand new world for me and I knew I needed a seasoned veteran to guide me through the complicated processes. Galia has done an amazing job, not only accomplishing the goals but educating me along the way. It truly feels like a team effort heading toward the ultimate goal. ​Galia is a godsend to this next chapter of my career. Any success I may have will be directly because of her support and expertise! I absolutely would recommend working with Galia (and have already to my friends). While I have grand ideas, I have no idea how to pull them off; Galia knows the exact steps and people we need to meticulously work through the process. She has confidence, experience, and impeccable follow through. Some of the most valuable pieces to this puzzle. I came to Galia with a mostly built traditional website and some wild ideas. It's truly insane when I really look at how far we've come!! I'm so excited to see where we will go!!"

Renee square.PNG

Consultant & Speaker

shelley (1)_edited.jpg

Shelley Starkman

"I chose to hire an OBM because I was looking for someone to strategically prioritize my projects and oversee that the work gets completed. I was nervous to bring someone into the role, but Galia has been such a blessing to my business. Hiring Galia was the best decision I have made for my business. She organized my business process's by creating SOPS, automation, templates and so much more. My team can run the show allowing me the ability to leverage and take on more clients with less stress. An added bonus is that she is so sweet to work with. Galia is organized, efficient and diligent. Don't wait, hire Galia right away."


Tanza Elin Stahl, Modern Day Mystic


"Being a solopreneur is no joke, especially when business is going WELL and you have to balance new clients, current clients, marketing, sales, ALL the details! So when I really reflected on what my strengths were I knew they were not the behind the scenes details, which is what made me decide that the first team member I brought on board would be an OBM. Galia has taken SO MUCH off my plate and organized me and my business in such an amazing way! Working with her allows me to truly focus on what I do best and know that the important details are not being neglected, she keeps me on track and helps me really see where the future of the business is going. Her support and guidance has been a total game changer! Working with Galia has allowed me to step into my role of the visionary and has made such a difference in what I feel is possible! Galia has this gift of taking an idea or action and breaking it down into simple steps so we don't miss any important parts! I have a habit of just jumping in-- which is great but sometimes I miss great opportunities due to not thoroughly planning out the action. Galia helps to rein me in and show me how we can ensure we are getting the most out of an idea or concept. Since we began working together I have not had one moment where I felt like I "couldn't" do something or like I didn't have enough time in the day. Galia helps me see how we can do it and really prioritize what matters and what doesn't."

Project Manager


Josefine Mai Kræmer

"Galia and I have worked closely together on multiple projects almost since I entered the online world and she has been a great inspiration for me both personally and professionally. A few months ago I decided I needed a session with her of my own. She helped me gain so much clarity on what direction I wanted to take my business so it could fit into my life vs. the other way around. I had fallen into a trap that lasted for months: prioritizing my business and my clients over my own wants and needs. I was saying no to things I truly enjoyed because I had to work which totally defeated the purpose of me starting my own business in the first place. Galia helped me realize that I am the one in charge of my business and she wasn’t afraid to ask hard questions that helped me reflect. The advice she gave was very insightful and helped me gain clarity as well. I left the call with actionable steps I could implement into my business right away. Galia is a mastermind when it comes to business strategy, systems, and operations. I loved being able to experience it first hand! One thing I really admire Galia for is her ability to always go above and beyond - both for her clients and their teams. Galia is professional and a high achiever and there's no doubt that anyone who hires her will benefit greatly!"

Consulting Firm & Courses


Catherine Halprin, Arcade Consulting

"I hired Galia to assist in automating and organizing Arcade Consulting's daily/weekly operations. Galia generally became a vital part of our administration at Arcade Consulting. Along with back-office duties, such as devising systems, Galia also assisted in the hiring of contractors, including the running of the entire hiring process. In addition, Galia also became a strong strategic business advisor sitting in on the conversation and participating as a trusted consultant on everything from consumer-facing social media implementation, business-to-business new client reach outs, and start-up phase directional pivots for Arcade's additional ventures and client projects. She really helped me get through a tough COVID year and her honesty, integrity, and professionalism were invaluable. If the need arises, I would not hesitate to hire Galia again."

Coach & Course Creator

meagan wilson_edited.jpg

Meagan Wilson, Meagan Rose Wilson

"Galia is always such a pleasure to work with. She streamlines work in a way that makes it enjoyable and manageable. During our meetings she identifies the key goals for the month and is then able to break the goals down into bite-sized tasks which she delegates with ease and proficiency. She takes initiative, brings ideas and creativity to the business and never gives up!"

meagan wilson (1).JPG

1-1 Subscription Agency

Yonatan Bleich, ToneLine

"Galia is professional, sharp, creative and raised the level in my business. She knew exactly what to do and how to do it. And more importantly: what not to do and how to save money and get effective marketing with a dreamy ROI"


joane (1)_edited.jpg

Joane Quitay

"I loved working with Galia! She is very methodical and has a gift with analysis and strategy. She's amazing and very compassionate too. She kicks ass and she really holds the true meaning of being a business partner to any clients and teams. She developed most of our analytics in Sarah Noked OBM and was always trying to go the extra mile. It's such an honor to be part of a team with her."

Content Marketer


Emily Arent

"Galia is a highly committed and agile team member with a sharp mind for operations and strategy in the sphere of online business. She is results oriented and doesn't work just to work - she wants to know and actively seeks the knowledge she needs to understand if her efforts are making an impact, and mindfully pivots when necessary. She is savvy and strategic. Aside from the business value she brings to the table, she's also just a pleasure to work with day in and day out - Galia is a master collaborator! I believe that any company smart enough to hire her will benefit greatly."



Rafi Speiwak, My Lion

"Galia is an inspirational Consultant and Project Manager. Her focus on business development, high-level strategy, and team management is a clear recipe for success! She turns data and spreadsheets into insights which inspire her teams and grow businesses! Galia is always approachable and professional, taking the time to understand each unique client and discussing next steps. Her unique strength lies in her ability to understand what her client needs and rally their team to become productive results-driven units. It is amazing to see how in a relatively short period of time, Galia can help small businesses meet or exceed their revenue targets. I highly recommend working with Galia if you are looking to organize and grow your business."

Strategic Advisory [consulting]

Membership & Certification Creator

martiza parra_edited.jpg

Maritza Parra, Heartwork Journaling

"I came to Galia because I needed to build a team to support me so I stop doing the things that don't require me. My team building and hiring experiences in the past have been terrible and just gave me another "job". I was worried about taking time to do all this foundational work. I felt like I was slowing down AND I now see how incredibly valuable it's been to slow down and do this part and how it's actually helping me speed up now. Galia has made me feel so supported in my business, from helping me organize my brain so I could separate out what I should be doing from what I shouldn't be doing to helping me start to get ahead in my business, now there are no fires to put out. I now have much more TIME. I'm not working on the weekends at all, unless I WANT to. Galia is the best!"


Consultant & Course Creator

Alix Dunn

alix dunn_edited.jpg

"I see my work with Galia as a thought partnership. She has an ability to turn chaos into order, to flag challenges that might emerge before they happen, and helping iron out complexity. I started work with Galia because I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of challenges of managing the shift from a services business with a web presence to an online business. It's stressful to figure out the details of exactly what we needed to do, but Galia's ability to listen to a complex set of ideas, and then boil them down into a set of action steps that make sense and are better than we would have done ourselves is so helpful."


tara (1).jpg

Tara Fust, Fust Co.

"I came to Galia because I needed some structure and organization to the "left brain" side of my business. I'm happy to say that the results greatly exceeded any expectation. From my work with her I was able to put together clear cut strategies and tactics to achieve desired results. For example when hiring, Galia provided me with a clear, tactical path to onboard new employees, and communicate that effectively. Another example is that while I may have had the beginnings of SOPs in place, Galia's insight and wisdom took them to the next level and help our firm create policies and procedures that are easy for our team to follow and use--now and into the future. :) I would 100% recommend anyone to work with Galia. She is extremely knowledgeable, insightful, and always there with honest feedback and possible solutions. To Galia, thank you! your support has been such a gift and my business is so much better for having you be a part of it."

Coach & Speaker


Dr. Lizetta Ojeda, ThriveMinds

"I came to Galia because I was impressed by her systematic thinking, which was the exact missing piece in my ability to step up as the CEO of my business. As a big picture thinker, my ideas were all over the place and I had a difficult time bringing them all together so that I could move forward. Galia made it so easy to do just that and help me delegate to my team the things I didn't need to do instead of me having the "It's faster and easier if I just do it myself" mentality. Thank you, Galia!"



Melinda Heryford

melinda (1)_edited.jpg

"Galia is exactly what you would desire for your Online Business Manager. She is organized with work flows, insightful and inspired in her business ideas, and an excellent communicator in both the positive stuff as well as honest feedback. I am grateful to have her help leveraging and scaling my business. Thank you Galia."

Speaker & Course Creator

Ryan Ray, Ryan Ray Official

ryan ray_edited.jpg

"I started with just a VIP day with Galia to gain clarity on how the many pieces of my business could/should work together. We were able to very strategically align the businesses/products/services that I've created over the past years into one solid brand that feels right for me. I ended up consulting with her for over a year on the various aspects of my business. For any business owner building and creating without a clear strategy for revenue and growth - talk to Galia."

Digital Marketing Agency

Dror Aharon, Core PPC


"Galia is one of the most professional individuals I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with. She is very experienced in helping companies develop marketing strategies to move the needle closer towards their goal and extremely creative in coming up with the best ways to do so. I strongly recommend working with Galia."

Project Manager


Estelle Tabenkin

"It’s hard to put into words just how much Galia has changed my life but I sure will give it a shot! From coaching me in how to monetize my skills, to guiding me throughout my business growth, I know I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today without her! From the very beginning, Galia was able to provide me with all the tools and advice I needed to get my business off the ground, and I was able to land my first client within the first week of putting my services out there. I always thought that marketing myself would be my biggest hurdle to owning my own business but Galia gave me the confidence boost I needed and the roadmap to establishing my name quickly and effectively. From there, she guided me in growing my client numbers and fees and has been an incredible resource for advice in navigating client relations. I know I can always turn to her for a seasoned perspective and tips I definitely wouldn’t have thought of on my own. I recently had the incredible good fortune of being brought on to work together with Galia for one of her clients and see her strategizing in action. The experience and knowledge I gained from working under her meticulously crafted systems was priceless and took my skill set to the next level. I’ll now be able to offer such a higher level of structure and organization to all my clients. If you have the opportunity to work with Galia, don’t hesitate for a moment!"


maya (1)_edited.jpg

Maya Klein, Voicing Words

"Galia has been invaluable in my journey to taking my copywriting business to the next level. Having an online business can be very lonely, with all the advice out there being conflicting, expensive, or just not very good. Galia's straightforward approach allowed me to see where I can streamline aspects of my business to make room for growth. Most importantly, Galia understands and respects what I want MY business to be, and gives me the tools to get there. She looks beyond surface-level metrics like monthly income to always challenge me to get to where I want to be easier. With Galia's strategic tools, I've been able to more than double my monthly income, while working half as many hours, and that is completely worth the investment to me."

Subscription Model

Lisabeth Sewell, Sparkle Stories

lisabeth (1)_edited_edited.jpg

"Galia came highly recommended to me by a friend I trust (and who has clearly seen success). I'm now so glad that I know this role exists and have been able to get a taste of working with her. Galia responded quickly and thoroughly to every email, and has so many many good ideas for all aspects of our marketing. I appreciate how knowledgeable she is, she seems to love what she does, and her follow-through in incredible!"

1-1 Services & Online Courses

jill (1)_edited.jpg

Jill Kalman, Jill Kalman Interiors

"I felt a great initial connection with Galia on my discovery call with her, she came recommended by a colleague. Galia helped me hire on help to take tasks off of my workload, along with helping me structure my future digital offerings. She has wonderful tactical planning skills that alone is enough to recommend her, and her experience in so many online businesses and resources is icing on the cake"

Digital Agency

dom hurman_edited.jpg

Dom Hurmann, Commeleon

"Galia guided me through the critical metamorphosis from freelance to business owner. Although there were hesitations about making an investment in my business, it was totally worth it. Galia's attitude and vibe was just what I needed, she really cares and comes prepared to each meeting. I 100% recommend working with her."

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